AR for Property Development

Визуальные решения, которые продают

VirtualLand is a creative team dedicated to producing captivating multimedia material for the property and real estate development industry. Our interactive, original and versatile digital media helps your clients reach informed decisions and helps you leave a memorable impression.

Apple campus Augmented Reality
Augmenting reality to show:


The project concept


A detailed depiction of architectural elements and exterior finishes


Interior design projects of an off- plan development

Floor plans

Reveal detailed floor-by-floor plans of a residential development, using AR and a scale model

Urban context

Children's playgrounds, schools, shops, sport facilities and other local amenities


Essential infrastructure- public transport links, roads, telecommunication points


Overlay information about pedestrian routes, distances to underground stations and popular landmarks


Number of spaces, entry and exit points, metered parking locations

Impress every client

The presentation scenario, quality of VR & AR execution and the format of the demonstration itself will leave an indelible impression on each viewer.

Virtual and augmented reality can showcase an off- plan property as if it were a new- build, allowing the potential buyer a glimpse into their future and generating trust through believability.

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